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I'm committed to helping individuals and families reclaim their time, energy and well-being.

CBL Wellness is an integrative health and wellness practice focused on supporting families through group programs and personalized coaching.  I design and implement action-based plans to support a health and wellness lifestyle for the whole family. 

Through a partnership with The Cookbook Project, CBL Wellness runs scalable partnership programs that allow trained health coaches to help children develop food literacy in the company of their peers and within their school environment. 


   MY STORY   

My life's work is dedicated to helping individuals and families reclaim their health and vitality.

For most of my teenage years, my mother was struggling with undiagnosed brain cancer. The illness was progressively dropping clues over the previous decade, but my mother was too disconnected from her own body that she simply missed the clues. 


Had she been more in touch with her body, should could have advocated for herself and lead a much longer and healthier life. 

Witnessing my mother’s premature passing is what guided me towards creating CBL Wellness. By helping people tune into their bodies and how they are really feeling,  they are empowered to make decisions that support a long and healthy life for themselves - and the families that love them.


Canva - Father and Child in the Countrys

a healthy you supports a healthy family

Taking care of yourself isn't just about you. It's about increasing your own vitality so that you can better support your family over the long run. By investing in your taking control of your own health, you model the values of self-care and personal responsibility within your family.

Image by Laercio Cavalcanti

health is sustainable when it's integrated

Diet and exercise are key to being healthy, but they are parts of a much larger health ecosystem that includes relationships, mental health, home environment, career and more. Start with one family member at a time or dive in together. Wellness is bio-individual, yet integrated support within the family is what creates sustainability.

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our children need practical lifelong skills

As parents, teachers and community leaders, we have an opportunity to guide future generations on how to live more nourished, active and fulfilled lives. Now is the time to resolve recurring issues and focus on creating healthy experiences for yourself and your loved ones.

Image by Keren Perez

your health is largely within your own control

The vast majority of suffering is caused by preventable diseases that are based on daily lifestyle choices. By taking personal responsibility for your health, you can transform your own life and the well-being of your entire family. The skills and habits acquired today set the tone for our lifestyle choices and self esteem for the rest of our lives.



Get the support you need for your health and wellness journey. 
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